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Anapolon, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Model: OXYMETHOLONE 1 tab/50 mg
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60 Tablets


  • Anapolon is a Balkan Pharmaceuticals made product
  • It is highly anabolic.
  • Packaging 60 tablets of 50 mg each
  • Active substance - Oxymetholone

Anapolon is a well known anabolic drug with very strong anabolic activities and less androgenic activities. Oxymetholone is the basic substance for Anapolon. It is commonly used to increase muscle mass immensely in just a few weeks. The course is like an energy booster. Its benefits also include relief in joints pain.

Best factors

  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Helps gain muscle mass
  • Able to increase mass by 5-7 kg
  • Take a very short time to show its positive effects
  • Removes pain from joints

Crucial things to be considered before buying Anapolon online

  • It works in a very short time
  • For this course, the correctness of diet and training is of vital importance
  • Recommended for athletes who are in the stage of taking more effective drugs than usual


Anapolon is recommended for athletes of age more than 21 years and have already taken many courses.

Generally, 1-2 tablets are recommended to take daily for an athlete weighing around 100 kg. These 1-2 tablets contain 50-100 mg of the steroid.

Athletes weighing more than 100 kg, however, have 3 tablets daily separating the time of taking each tablet in three sections. Consumption of the steroid for a longer time, that is, even after the course duration. It may show negative effects.


Side effects to consider before buying Anapolon online

  • Hepatotoxicity is one of the significant negative effects you should know about before using Anapolon.
  • Improper usage can result in increased blood pressure
  • In rare cases, it can also cause diarrhea, nausea, and appetite worsening

An athlete who follows this course can do intense training without getting tired. It is genuinely the best of all drugs in its respective field.

After all, the steroid is a good strength provider. It also offers its service to those who are suffering from joint pain.

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