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Anastrozole, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

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20 tablets


  • Anastrozole is a Balkan Pharmaceuticals made product
  • Packaging 20 tablets of 1 mg each
  • It is an aromatase inhibitor
  • It is also known by the name of Arimidex

Anastrozole can be classified as an aromatase inhibitor used to reduce female sex hormone production and to increase natural testosterone hormone production. It also increases muscle quality and gives relief to pain in joints with minimal negative side effects.

Best factors

Proper and planned intake of Anastrozole can result in the following benefits:

  • Symptoms of hypertension can be eliminated using Anastrozole
  • It also controls blood pressure
  • It is used to cure gynecomastia
  • Effectiveness of other steroids can also be increased
  • Enhance external muscle quality, relief and cross section
  • Suppression of hypothalamus pituitary-testicles is reduced

Crucial factors to consider before buying anastrozole online

  • Anastrozole is one of the most powerful aromatase inhibitor used to reduce negative side effects caused by other strong steroids.
  • Price of this product is affordable in comparison to other similar product.
  • Generally, it is suggested to be taken along with other steroids so that it can reduce the side effects and maintain proper body function.
  • If you are using Anastrozole for prevention only, small dose is enough to maintain the body functionality.


The daily dosage of Anastrozole should be 1 mg. This 1 mg of daily dosage can be taken with or without a meal.

The duration or admission course is not exact and can vary for different purposes. According to doctors prescription, the daily dosage may vary. 

Side effects you  need to consider before buying Anastrozole online

Anastrozole does not cause any serious side effect.

However improper or excessive use may result in some undesirable negative side effects such as lesions, ulcers, allergic reactions and liver inflammation. In women, it can cause hot flashes and pharyngitis if taken improperly.

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