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ANAVARGED, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: Oxandrolone 10 mg/100 tab
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100 Tablets


  • Manufacturer – Golden Dragons
  • Category – oral steroids
  • Model – Oxandrolone 10 mg/100 tab

Anavarged 10 mg is a strong steroid originally developed for the medical uses. But it is now also very popular among the athletes as an anabolic steroid for bodybuilding and general sports. It’s a modified version of DHT and oxygen is added instead of carbon atoms in the second place.

Best Factors

Anavarged golden dragon can be effectively used in sports by both man and women. It is a drug with high anabolic activity and doesn’t have any progestagenic or estrogens activity. Its activity can be noticed after immediate use and can be used on a daily basis. The other factors are –

  1. An increase in athletes strength
  2. The construction of dry and rigid muscles in body
  3. Burns the excessive fat in the body
  4. Increase the production of growth hormones

Crucial factors to consider before buy Anavarged Online

  • Consult a doctor or sport nutritionist
  • High Blood pressure
  • Weak appetite and digestion
  • Check the originality of the brand before buy

This is a very useful steroid for bodybuilding but preventions are required before its use. In some cases, androgenic effects have felt by some athletes.


It is recommended to use on a daily basis. For men, the dosage will be 20 – 80 mg and for women, the dosage will be 10 – 20 mg per day. It is advised to consume the product at least a gap of 8 – 12 hours between every dose in case you forget to intake it the same time.

The dose can be increased slightly within reasonable limits. It’s used mainly in long course for increasing strength and obtaining quality musculature.

Side effects to consider before buying Anavarged

  • It has weak toxicity to the liver
  • Headaches and feeling sick

It’s easy to purchase it online at a good price and its effects are beneficial to the body. But measures must be taken for its administration.

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