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Andropen 275, British Dragon

Andropen 275
Producer: British Dragon
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Primarily produced by British Dragon, Andropen was initially developed to outsmart Sustanon. It is an artificial form of testosterone, slightly more powerful and stronger than Sustanon, specifically catering to Body Builders & Athletes. Basic Ingredients are as below:

  • Testosterone Acetate : 20 mgs
  • Testosterone Cypionate :75 mgs
  • Testosterone Decanoate :90 mgs
  • Testosterone Propionate : 40 mgs
  • Phenylpropionate :40 mgs

Best Factors

It is reasonably priced and produces favorable results in shape and size. It is quite effective in terms of boosting muscle fiber. Testosterone is blessed with protecting muscles from catabolic (muscle wasting) glucocorticoid hormone.

In technical terms, Andropen instigates catabolic vsanaloicwar, which produces suitable end results. Catabolic Hormone makes way for release of steroid protein, while testosterone in Andropen makes sure that muscle retain actin and myosin i.e. contractile protein. Increment of testosterone vide Andropen allows body to move towards anabolism rather catabolism.

Along with this, Andropen stimulates production of Red Blood cells (RBC) which increase oxygen content in blood thereby improving stamina and endurance.

Crucial factors to consider before buy Andropen online

Andropen is quite strong and powerful, hence it is advised to consult medical professionals prior to its consumption.


Andropen can be consumed either alone or stacked with other suitable steroids. One may consume 250 mg per week and tenor may extend somewhere around one and half to two months. Post Course Therapy is heavily recommended with steroids like nandrolone, stanozolol, methandienone etc. 

Side effects to consider before buying Andropen

Almost all steroids come with side effects, few routine and few other fatal and Andropen is no exception. One must closely monitor these side effects and reach out to medical scholars without any delay. Fluid Retention, Acne, Baldness, development of male breast, dizziness etc are some of the common side effects created by Anropen. This may be controlled through proper diet and physical exercise.


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