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Androver course on mass and strength
Androver course on mass and strength
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  • Produced by course of steroids
  • A Vermoji pharmacology presentation
  • Does not delays fluid
  • Course duration: 4-6 weeks

The steroid Androver or chemically (oxymetholonum) was once well renowned for its disease, especially anaemia curing abilities. But as the market gets filled with other better alternatives, it loosed its popularity. The steroid Androver, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone that is DHT, is highly anabolic and androgenic. However, still now it is marketed and used by bodybuilders to quickly gain mass and increase strength.

Best factors

  • Helps to rapidly increase and control mass and strength
  • Stimulates muscle growth
  • Grows high-quality musculature

Crucial things to be considered before buying Androver online

  • Best for a quick start
  • Don’t choose this course if you are too young (less than 21-23 years of age). For such individuals, Turinabol is much better, in performance as well as in effects.
  • Only the experienced athletes, who have already made their bodies tough by the usage of other mild steroids, are recommended to apply for this course


You must first start by taking just 1 tablet each day. As your body gets used to it, that is after some days, go for 2 tablets a day and continue this till the end of the course.

When combined with other steroids, it shows its effect more efficiently.

Side effects

An overdose can cause severe damage to the lever. The dihydrotestosterone present in the steroid causes severe damage to hair. It may result in hair loss and even produce. acne. Even headache and stomach pain are reported as the side effects of Androver. Your size or weight may also seem to be reduced. The steroid is hard to be tolerated. Most of the women are unable to tolerate it and always asked to consult your doctor for any uncertainties.

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