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AOD9604 5MG, AOD9604 5MG

AOD9604 5MG
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Building a superior body and get into perfect shape is never easy for individuals. It needs time and you have to put effort as well. AOD-9604 5mg medicine is an anti-obesity drug developed for burning excess fat mass from the body. It has the property to reach different sections and produce the necessary effect of fat reduction.


AOD-9604 5mg is in the trial phase and showed positive results. It is expected that the said product would give competition to all existing anti-obesity drugs in the market. The only reason is that the rate of loss of fats will be better achieved using AOD-9604. It also shows a little anabolic property that helps in building muscles. And, it is expected that the results could be maintained for a long period of time if individuals practice a set of exercises daily.


Since it is in a trial phase, the detection time and other processes are being tested. Once it is done, experts will share the reports on its time-dependent characteristics.

  • Chemical Name -           AOD 9604, 221231-10-3, hGH Fragment 177-191
  • Molecular Formula -           C78H123N23O23S2
  • Metabolism -           Results are yet to be examined thoroughly

AOD-9604 is a peptide with human growth hormone in fragmented form. Once consumed, it is synthesized and releases the necessary constituents for fat burning.

Recommended Dosages

  • For users – It is advised to start with 1mg - 5mg once daily over a 12 week period

High dose is recommended for expert users. If you are a beginner and willing to change your lives, you need to start with 1mg. According to the reports, some users also consume 10mg substance daily. However, it won’t encourage long-term dosing and could affect your body.


When you have decided to purchase an anti-obesity drug, you can go with AOD-9604. It is now available online but in small quantity.

No need to overdose it to gain quick results and stay in touch with the experts. It is the ideal way to avoid any unusual situations throughout the treatment.

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