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Boldabol 300, British Dragon

Boldabol 300
Producer: British Dragon
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Boldabol 300 or boldenone Undeclynate has gained immense popularity amongst athletes and body builders, irrespective of amateurs or professionals primarily due its anabolic effect which stimulate muscle mass gain both in terms of strength and size. It was originally developed as veterinary drug under trade name ‘Equipose’ and has been extremely popular with racehorses due to its performance enhancing ability.

Best Factors

Boldabol 300 is effective in cutting and bulking cycle primarily because of its neutralized anabolic effect. Its popularity lies in the fact that it doesnot aromatize and its consumption doesnot result in development of male breasts.

It increases Red Blood Cells (RBC) which in turn has direct impact over oxygen component in body and blood, which improves stamina and endurance, which is evident in  their capability to perform cardio sessions.

Crucial factors to consider before buy Boldabol300 online

Boldabol 300 often leads to reduction of natural testosterone in body, which again can be tackled through supplements or suitable drug. Further, consumption of Bodabol must be followed with protein rich diet.


Professionals recommend average intake of 400-600 ml daily with an average course duration of four to six weeks. They are available in injectable or syringe form and hence detested by amateurs who prefer pills or tablets over injections as they donot leave any mark on skin and less painful compared to former alternative. Women are advised lower dosage compared to man say somewhere around 50-100 mg per week. It has a shelf life of seven to ten days and is taken at most twice every week with proper gap in between, in order to maintain proper blood concentration.

Side effects to consider before buying Boldabol 300

One of the most complained side effects of Boldabol 300 is reduced sex orientation, however same can be controlled with proper dosage.


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