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Boldenon + Clenbuterol, Course of steroids

Boldenon + Clenbuterol
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Boldenon is a naturally occurring anabolic and androgenic steroid. With less androgenic and is mainly anabolic in nature. Structurally Boldenone slightly differs from testosterone as it possesses a double bond at the first position on the A ring of the structure of steroid.

This steroid is mainly used to increase appetite in recent days. This course of Boldenon and Clenbuterol is considered as safe because Equipoise has always been considered a mild injectable steroid without any side effects.

Best factors

Some of the benefits of using this course would be as follows:

  • Was used initially for cattle to improve the growth and feed conversion of the cattle to improve their meat production
  • Used by athletes just for its appetite-enhancing properties
  • Decreases fat around 3 -5 kgs
  • Athletes use to Boldenon to produce erythropoietin as it stimulates kidneys to produce it

Crucial factors to consider before buy Boldenon Clenbuterol online

  • Clenbuterol does not belong to the field of anabolic steroids and is normally used as a fat burner
  • EPO increases red blood cells in your body, thus allowing more oxygen to be carried to the cells in the body
  • Massive increase in muscle mass
  • The muscle gain would be slow and steady
  • Reduces water retention in the muscles


Dosage must be kept in consideration as follows and better results could be gained. This course is designed for total body weight of around 80 -100kgs. In the first week start with 1 ml Boldenon strictly use on gluteus muscles and continue this dosage for the next 6 weeks three days a week.

Clenbuterol is used orally mainly for fat burning. Athletes use tablets consisting course of 100tablets, taking 1 tablet in the first three days later can have 2 tablets for nest three days and three tablets a day for next 8 days.

Side effects to consider before buying Boldenon Clenbuterol

As this course is designed with at most safety there would not be any side effects if dosages are taken care of. If dosages are not used properly, then you might crash your hormone system.

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