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Model: Boldenone undlessilenate 200 mg/1 ml
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10 ampoules

Basic factors

  • Boldenone is the market name of Equipoise
  • Boldenone is an oil-based steroid
  • The steroid is a synthesized derivative of testosterone
  • The drug possess strong anabolic and low androgenic potency
  • Estrogenic activity of Boldenone is much lower than other traditional steroids
  • The androgenic and anabolic ratio of Boldenone is 50:100
  • It is generally combined with anabolic esters, which elongates the half-life of the drug
  • The half life of the product is 14 days

Best factors

  • Boldenone is an affective anabolic
  • Helps in the process of gaining lean muscle mass
  • Not only physique the drug is known for its ability of improving overall performance of the athletes
  • Helps in treating wastage and weight-loss syndromes
  • Boldenone is known for its appetite improving ability
  • Helps in increasing red blood corpuscles, therefore, the overall supply of oxygen to the tissues is increased

Factors that are needed to be considered before buying Boldenone

Like most other drugs the contraindications in case of Boldenone is quite extensive. They are as follows:

  • Boldenone should not be used if symptoms of Cholestatic hepatitis along with jaundice appears
  • The usage of this drug is prohibited for the individuals with liver problems
  • Usage of Boldenone is not allowed for the individuals with breast cancer
  • Patients with cardiac, hepatic or renal malfunctions are not allowed to use the product


The physicians generally inject the product directly into the muscle. Boldenone cannot be activated by consuming it orally. Generally, the maximum of 400 to 1000 milligram of the drug is allowed by the physicians on a weekly basis. Lowering the mentioned dosage can reduce the end result of muscle growth. However, using a dose higher than 1000 milligrams a week can cause affect the body adversely. The physicians tend to provide a smaller dosage at the beginning and gradually they build up from that dosage.

Side effects of Boldenone

  • Elevated blood pressure level
  • Irregular hair growth in both body and face
  • Increased water retention in the body
  • Increase in the oil production
  • Diminishing natural testosterone level
  • Gynecomastia
  • Impaired sexual life
  • Masculinization of female

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