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Boldever, Vermodje SRL

Producer: Vermodje SRL
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The Vermodje SRL product is an anabolic steroid. Boldever bears a similarity of the steroid Boldenone, which is commonly known as Equipoise as well. Boldever is built around the substance Boldenoneundesilenata. It is not inferior to natural testosterone. It is a quantitative mass gaining substance. It can shape up the body properly.


  • Restore the faster activities in the blood cells
  • Generates more oxygen in the red blood cells
  • Longer activity of the drug
  • Helps boost the body
  • Ensures long release of the drug in the body so that the body remains active for a longer period
  • Muscle building
  • Nitrogen synthesis
  • Builds a muscular body
  • Maintains the balance of nitrogen in the body


For any competitive athletic platform, it will be better to use the drug five months prior to compete, or else the person may get banned from performing. It will be better to talk to the experts in this regard. Boldever can be used as a solo drug because it is capable of providing all anabolic androgenic benefits on its own. The average dosage of this substance should be 300 to 400Mgs for usual bodybuilding results.

Side effects

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Skin-irritation
  • High arterial pressure

It is suggested to talk to the experts prior to use this steroid so that any kind of problem or wrong sorts of usage do not shred a sporting future with clouds.

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