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Citomed, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

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Citomed is a weight loss drug, also known as Cytomel. This drug is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals available in packaging of 60 tablets of 50 mcg each. Citomed is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid but a thyroid hormone, characterized by a powerful fat burning effect.

Best factors

Increased strength and endurance

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Increased dry muscle mass

Increased muscular pump Strengthening of bone structure

Citomed is popular among female bodybuilders. A drastic reduction of food and calories below the 1000 calorie/day mark can often be avoided by taking Citomed

Crucial factors to consider before buy Citomed online

Citomed is a powerful thyroid hormone for athletes. This is generally not a good medicine for a beginner. It is a good idea to start with litter drugs and familiar with the substance and get started with Citomed later.


Generally, one 25 mcg tablet is taken on the first day, and the dosage is thereafter increased by one tablet every three of four days for a maximum dosage of 100 mcg. This will help the body adjust to increase thyroid hormone, hopefully avoiding any sudden "shock" to the system.

The course of dosage should last for about 6 weeks and it should never be halted abruptly The daily dose is also to be split evenly throughout the day, in an effort to keep blood levels steadier.. At least two months of abstinence from the drug needs to follow.

Side effects to consider before buying Citomed

Citomed comes with list of warnings which are not to be ignored. Side effects include heart palpitations, headaches and metabolic disorders.

It is a powerful hormone and could potentially alter normal functioning of the body if anyone misused the product. When administering Citomed, it is advised that you must start with the low dosage and thereon, increase the dosage slowly.

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