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Producer: Vermodje SRL
Model: Clenbuterol 0.04mg
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  • Produced by Vermodje SRL
  • The main mechanism of this drug is to start lipolysis
  • Course duration- 2 weeks

Best factors

  • Increases temperature of the body
  • Reduces appetite
  • Effects as an anabolic
  • Reduces fat muscles
  • Shields the muscles of the body against the destruction
  • Dries and relieves muscles


Crucial things to be considered before buying Clenbuterol-ver online

  • While moving on with the course of this steroid, you must carefully take into account the course duration. As if the course goes beyond the recommended timespan that is beyond 2 weeks, it may affect negatively, for example, you may feel becoming accustomed.
  • Also, if the course extends for long, its effect starts decreasing gradually.
  • If the course is once completed but you are not satisfied with its result in just one use and want to have it again, then it is better to take rest for a few days and then continue the same.
  • The second dosage scheme given below is less effective


As recommended by the specialists, the daily dose of this medicine for male athletes should be 120-140 g.

For female athletes, the adequate dosage is 10-80 g per day.

The above-mentioned scheme is better than all the rests. However, there is a risk of being addicted to the drug in this drug consuming criteria. To be more careful, another drug consuming scheme is designed according to which you have to take the drug for two days and take rest for the other two days.

Side effects

There are certain needs to know side effects of this drug called Clenbuterol-Vej. These are heart palpitations, chest pain and rapid breathing. So, consume in proper amount as it is worth buying enhancing your performance within a quick time.

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