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Clomiged 50mg, Golden Dragon

Clomiged 50mg
Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: CLOMIPHENE 1 tab/50mg
Availability: In stock


50 tablets


  • Manufacturer –Golden Dragon
  • Category – oral steroids

Clomiged is an anti-estrogens tablet used as a post-course therapy by many athletes. It helps to prevent or eliminate the side effects of the steroids. It has a mechanism of action for the blocking of estrogens receptors in the pituitaries and ovaries.

Best factors

Clomiged has the property to restore endogenous production of testosterone in men. Its base material is clomiphene (clomophene citrate) which is an estrogens receptor modulator and estrogens synthesis inhibitor.  In the male body the drug prevents the negative effects on the GSH resulting in the increasing production of gonadotropins. Some feature of clomiged is –

  1. Promote the growth of muscle mass
  2. Increase strength and endurance
  3. Enhance metabolism

Crucial factors to consider before buy clomigid online

  • Consult a doctor or any specialist
  • Check the originality of the brand and the seller
  • Certain allergic reactions


The dosage is between 50 – 150 mg for the users. It is never advised to exceed the dosage more than150 mg at any cost. In most of the cases, the course duration is 2– 4 weeks. Suppose you are a beginner, you need to take the advice of experts and follow it properly.

The indication for the use of clomigid is the slow recovery during the course of testosterone production in men. The recommended dose depends on the circumstances of the body.

Side effects to consider before buy CLOMIGED online

  • Digestion problem
  • Central nervous system and genitourinary system

Clomiged is a partial analog of tamoxifen products it should not be compared with other drugs such as letrozole or anastrozole. You can buy it online at the best price easily. But precautions must be taken before its use for the betterment of the health.

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