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Course on Strength and Mass Turinabol + Enanthate
Course on Strength and Mass Turinabol + Enanthate
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Turinabol (Tbol) is a derivative of testosterone. It  is one of weakest steroids in industry standard because of its active ingredients that include methandrostenolone and clostebol.

Turinabol is a favoured option prior to body building competition wherein one intends to safeguard muscle tissue in between cardio and dieting. It was first produced by Jenapharm, an east German pharmaceutical company in 1961.

Enanthate, commonly known as Testosterone Heptanoate is AAS beneficial for treating reduced testosterone, thereby increasing male sex qualities by enhancing muscle.

Best factors

  • Turinabol is highly effective to develop lean muscle and act as catalyst for speed and strength
  • Enanthate helps in realignment of body fat and promotes muscle development and.
  • Enanthate also helps in building of raw power and stamina

Crucial factors to consider before buy Turinabaol & ENANTHATE

Turinabol is restricted drug and is not available freely in market. One must verify source and proceed with its purchase such that seller and product is authentic. Sportsman in particular are restricted from their consumption and may lead to doping charges as well.


Turinabol may be started with 2 pills per day with gradual increase up to 4 tabllets per day. Once started, it should be consumed daily, with discipline and no misses. One may consume directly (dry) or swallow with water. Enanthate should be consumed at 500 mg per week, with two days chosen with a moderate break of two days in between , say for instance Tuesday and Friday.

Side effects to consider before buying Turinabao & ENANTHATE


  • Prone to Acne
  • Hair fall


  • Depression
  • Dizziness

Given side effect may be controlled by monitoring dosage and it is always advised not to increase the dosage without having a talk with experts. Also, you need to consult with them if you find any non-usual changes in the body.


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