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Course Stanozolol + Parabolan
Course Stanozolol + Parabolan
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  • Produced by course of steroids
  • Course duration: 5 weeks

Stanozolol is a kind of blood stimulating steroid whose dose can be given either through the mouth or can be injected intramuscularly. Parabolan or trenbolone is known for increasing muscle mass.

Best factors

  • Increases power indicators
  • Dries muscles
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Helps increase weight by 3-5 kg
  • Reliefs muscles

Crucial things to be considered before buying Stanozolol + Parabolan online

  • Proper training and diet are necessary.
  • The effect of the anabolic depends on the response which the body shoes to the drug


For Stanozolol: you must start from a smooth intake of this steroid. Starting from 20 mg, the intake gradually increases to 40 mg per day. Overall 100 tablets of Stanozolol are utilized in this course.

For Parabolan: only 10 injections of this anabolic are required for this course. Two injections must be injected every week. You can choose the days according to your wish.

For Clomid: to increase the effectiveness and durability of a course, another drug, clomid should be entered into the body. Almost after every course, this steroid is consumed for 20 days, 1 tablet a day. Here too, the scheme is alike. Just a few days after the course is finished, 1 clomid tablet should be taken in, every day and the same process should last for the next 20 days.

Hence, the final dosage structure goes like:

Stanzolol (100 tablets) + Parabolan (10 amp.) + Clomid (20 tablets)

Side effects

Virilization and hepatotoxicity are the side effects of Stanzolol. It may result in turning your skin oily.

To make his body perfectly perfect in every order, an athlete should add this thunderstruck course in his daily routine for 5 weeks. The course efficiently burns extra calories and increases an individual’s potential.

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