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Course Turinabol + Parabolan
Course Turinabol + Parabolan
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  • Produced by the course of steroid
  • Water retention: none
  • Course duration: 5 weeks

Best factors

  • Gain mass qualitatively
  • Dry and remove extra muscles
  • Pumps up musculature

Crucial things to be considered before buying Turinabol+ Parabolan online

  • It is highly suitable for both full-bodied and dry-bodied athletes.
  • A proper diet must be followed and training should be performed.
  • After training, 2-3 times protein should be taken in by the body.
  • The syringe must not be injected just before going to bed and must always be injected intramuscularly.


For Turinabol: for every day, at the beginning of the course, 2 tablets of this steroid are recommended. However, the intake can be increased with time. It can extend to 4 tablets per day with time. To consume this oral steroid, you can put it under your tongue and dissolve or drink it with water.

For Parabolan: you can choose two days from the week to get this steroid injected into your muscles. The days should be adjacent, for example, Monday-Tuesday, Thursday Friday etc. For each injecting time, 1 ml of the steroid should be taken consistently for 5 weeks.

For this task of injection, a syringe of 2 or 5 cubes can be used because of its thinness. But assured that if you are using a syringe of 2 cubes, let the needle enter completely into your body.

For Clomid: Clomid is always taken in to empower the effect of a course which the athletes come across. After the completion of this course, you are recommended to have 20 tablets of clomid, 1 tablet each day.

The final structure goes as:

Turibolan (100 tablets) + Parabolan (10 amp) + Clomid (20 tablets)

Side effects

The drug is harmless.

Chlorodehydomethyltestosterone (Turinabol) and Trenbolone (Parabolan) course, when enforced to an athlete’s bodybuilding journey, let him achieve major goals in his career.

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