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Danabol, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Model: 10 mg
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60 tablets
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  • Manufacturer – Balkan pharmaceuticals(Moldova)
  • Model – 10 mg
  • Category – oral steroids

Danabol is considered as one of the most famous steroid in the whole medical world. If you have heard the word steroids than there is a heavy chance that you have also heard about the Danabol too.

Best factors

The active component of the Danabol is Balkan which not only helps to gain the mass in the body but also help to increase the endurance and stamina. Such great results are caused by the increase of the protein in the human body. As the protein increases the mass also start to grow. The other features of it are

  1. Strengthen the bone skeleton by producing calcium
  2. Increase blood circulation
  3. Reduce the fatigue
  4. Provide quality training
  5. Better nitrogen and potassium retention

Crucial factors to consider before buying danabol online

There is something that you should take care of before buying the anabolic from the online market -

  • consult a doctor or specialist
  • check the originality of the product and the seller
  • consider tour medical history before buying it


The best way to use Danabol is to use it SOLO (without the combination of any other steroid) because it is the safest and the efficient way

  • Solo – 30 gm daily for 42 days
  • With testosterone –propionate (95 mg) and danabol (35mg) for 50days
  • Use with other steroids as prescribed by the doctor

Side effects to consider before buy

  1. Estrogenic problems
  2. Gynecomastia in men

In the females, irregular menstruation periods have observed and in males, baldness is the main side effect. It could be controlled when users follow the accurate dosage.

It is very easy to buy the Danabol online at a reasonable price. So, get it and it is better to use it under the guidance for better results.

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