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Decabol 300, British Dragon

Decabol 300
Producer: British Dragon
Model: Nandrolone decanoate 1ml/300mg
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10 ampoules


  • Manufacturer – British dragons
  • Category – Inject able steroids
  • Model – nandrolone deaconate 1 ml/300mg

Decabol is an anabolic injectable steroid by the pharma company British dragons. This drug is used for various medical services and in sports around the world. The active element in decabol 300 is nandrolone deaconate. In medical it is used to cure many diseases like one tissues, surgeryand regeneration etc. It is also used for the problem of protein deficiency in the human body as well.

Best factors and advantages of decabol 300

It has a unique composition which contains enzymes that transfer testosterone directly into the dht. By this it reduces all the side effects on the body of individuals. It has very low androgenic effect compare to other steroids. It has no major effect in the individual’s body. The other benefits and advantages of decabol are –

  • It accelerate the growth of strength, muscle mass, and recovery time of the body
  • It strengthen the bones, joints and ligaments
  • More libido
  • High anabolic index (150 %)
  • After the course muscle gain up to 10 kg is possible

How to take DecaboL 300

Before taking this steroid the consultation of the doctor is important otherwise there is a major chance that you can face side effect in your body.

  • The weekly dosage is about 200mg to 600 mg
  • Take injection once or only twice a week
  • Take testosterone in the combination
  • Proper diet and nutrition is important during the course

If you want to make a great physique then this is a nice product for you. You can purchase it from the online markets at reasonable prices. But be aware of the fake brands while purchasing it. Just take it and you will see the positive changes in your body.

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