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Ephedrine is a common drug for people who want to burn body fat and increase heat expenditure of the body. It also has the ability to increase the metabolic rate of a person by at least 5% with significant increase in blood pressure.


Ephedrine is listed in stimulant and thermogenic because of its both properties. It is commonly used as a concentration aid and treats hypotension as well. Since it comes from herb Ephedra, it is also a good decongestant, stimulates the brain function and increases heart rate. Reports also suggest that it has the ability to expand bronchial tubes of the users which may help in respiration. All these reasons make it a popular drug for sportsperson and athletes.


The ephedrine drug identification is done to find out whether any athlete or sportsperson has abused it or not. The test is done by police and a variety of tests are conducted. It has been reported that it can be detected up to 5 days after consumption. It can be detected via urination and other measures are also taken whenever required.

  • Chemical Name -           Ephedrin, (-)-Ephedrine, L-Ephedrine; 299-42-3, Ephedrol
  • Molecular Formula -           C10H15NO
  • Metabolism -           Very small amount of the ephedrine is metabolized in liver

Though there are many advantages of using the said product, it is not legal in many countries. It is because a small amount of this substance can be metabolized in the liver. However, there are many individuals who purchase ephedrine for fulfilling their needs.

Recommended Dosages

  • For treatment – It is ranged from 8mg – 24mg per day
  • For athlete – It is ranged from 50mg – 150mg per day

The dosage of the product depends on the physical condition of the patients/users.


Remember that there is a tolerance level of the body. If this substance is used in a higher amount, it can produce negative effects. It has been noticed that users have to deal with the mental and physical problem. Also, prolonged use of ephedrine could lead to addiction. Some other problems include dizziness, headaches, hypertension, nervousness and vomiting. It is thus advised to follow the recommended dosage and remain under the supervision of experts.

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