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  • It is basically a growth hormone
  • It can be referred to as Examorelin
  • It has a similar function of GHRP-6
  • It can produce a large number of human growth hormone
  • It is one of the strongest synthetic GHRh which is available in the market

Important factors

  • A chain of amino acid helped to compose hexarelin
  • It can help to stimulate the pituitary gland in order to produce human growth hormone
  • It can help to increase the level of human growth hormone
  • It can also help to increase the level of cortisol in the body
  • The popularity of this steroid is because of the fastest act growth hormone in the market
  • It is also true that after a certain point of time it will stop working


There are many benefits that you can get if you are buying this and following the instruction of your doctor. The benefits are mentioned below

  • It can help you to protect your liver from serious infection
  • It can help to increase the resistance of your body from viral or cold
  • If you are planning to take this, then it will help to increase the immunity of yours
  • It will help you to produce growth hormone
  • It can also take a major part in order to increase the MGF in the human body
  • It can help to burn off the extra fat of your body


Side effects

  • You can see some rashes on your skin
  • You can face problems to sleep
  • Drowsiness



  • If you are taking this, then the growth hormone of your body will increase in a speedy way within 4 weeks.
  • If you are going to take this for more than 16 weeks, then it can be risky and you need to take proper guidance for this

Storage policy

  • You can keep it in your refrigerator between the temperatures of 2 degrees to 8 degree
  • Try to keep it away from light.

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