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The peptide Ipamorelin is a new hormone that plays a direct role in increasing the growth hormone production amount in the body. The effect can be said to be somewhat similar to ghrelin. Both of the GHRP – 2 and GHRP – 6 are known to increase the appetite, which is not seen inthe usage of Ipamorelin. The hormone that is solely responsible for the growth of the body and natural production is the main indicator of this new drug.

Ipamorelin takes the highest position among GHRP.

Efficacy of Ipamorelin

This peptide acts on the somatropic cells and helps in avoiding the negative results, increase in appetite, increase in the production of prolactin and increase in the production of cortisol.  The drug Ipamorelin is considered as much effective as much as it influences the effectiveness of the growth hormone. The price is also much less comparatively, and this drug has no effect on the body or does not alter any normal body activities.

It is easier to have muscular development with Ipamorelin and can be used on steroids to get an optimum result. It is a much better option as no effect on any characteristics such as hair, nervous system, sexual characteristics or skin.

There are a lot of effects that can be seen while using Ipamorelin. Some of them are-

  • Produces the growth hormone;
  • Burns fat;
  • Musculature relief is created
  • Recovery is facilitated
  • The bone system is normalized
  • Cholesterol level gets decreased
  • Creates an anti-aging effect
  • Improves sleeping quality;
  • Inflammatory processes are prevented
  • The liveris protected

There are no known side effects.

Drug courses to be followed

The dosage should be as follows-

  • 1-3 µg per kg weight should be applied.
  • Injections to be applied thrice a day every four hours.
  • Have to be combined with CJC-1295 or GRF 1-29.
  • Advice of experts is recommended.

Ipamorelin should always be stored in the refrigerator.

You can get Ipamorelin at an affordable price from us and achieve the desired result more easily.

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