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Jintropin Europharm, Jintropin Europharm

Jintropin Europharm
Model: 10 vials x 10 ME
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Basic facts

  • This is a 191 amino acid which will basically be used as a growth hormone
  • The main motive of this human growth hormone is that it will help to get muscle growth and reduce the fat from your body
  • The main reason for its popularity is because of the strong anabolic effects
  • It consists of 20 different types of amino acid
  • All the molecule of Jintropin has the peptide structure


  • It will help you to increase the growth of muscle by accelerating muscle protein synthesis
  • It will help you to burn the extra fat of your body and it will increase the level of Free Fatty Acid
  • If you are consuming this, then it will help you to improve the immune system of your body
  • It can help you to reduce the extra cholesterol in your blood
  • This medicine will help you to increase the bone mineral density
  • It will also help you to get a better cardiovascular system
  • If you take this in a proper way, then it can help you to improve the strength and energy of your body

How to use

When you will buy this product from a reputed store, then there will be a written instruction about the process of using it. You need to follow this. But, if you have any more queries, then you need to contact your health care service provider.


  • Your treatment duration will be 3 months to 36 months based on your physical condition
  • The amount of dosage will depend on your physical strength and health condition
  • Based on your physical condition your doctor will tell you about the amount of dosage and what will be the duration between one to another
  • The optimal ranges of the dosage will depend on the purpose, weight and how long you are using this

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