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Mastabol 100, British Dragon

Mastabol 100
Producer: British Dragon
Model: drostanolone propionate 100 mg/1 ml
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10 ampoules


  • Manufacturer – British dragons
  • Category – injectable steroids
  • Model – drostanolone propionate 100 mg /1ml

Mastabol 100 is an anabolic steroid by the British dragons, basically for those athletes who want to take their fitness to the next level. This steroid helps the bodybuilders and athletes in burning fat and increasing the strength and endurance of the body.


Best factors and advantages of mastabol 100

The main ingredient of this drug is the drostanolone dipropionate, which has high androgenic properties. This steroid helps in the vigorous muscle training by providing the extra resistance and relief to the muscles. The benefits of using mastabol 100 are-

  • Burns the fat cells and provide dry and dense muscles
  • Increase physical the strength and endurance
  • Suppress the catabolic process
  • Increase the muscle density
  • Increase the power indicators

This drug is equally useful for both the beginners as well as the professional athletes in their physical training.


How to take mastabol 100

  • The course duration should be at least 4 weeks and could be up to 10 weeks
  • The average dose is 400mg per week
  • Should be taken once in every two days
  • For swimmers, athletes the dosage is 200 mg per week
  • It is recommended to conduct post course therapy

Crucial factors to take care before buy mastabol 100

  • Consult a doctor or specialist and take prescription from him
  • Check the originality of the seller and the brand at the time of purchase
  • Check if you are allergic to any ingredients in the product
  • Not for the pregnant person
  • Not recommended at the situation of recent operations.

You can buy mastabol 100 at any online store at a good price. Use it properly with your training and diet; you will definitely see the results.

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