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Masteron, Malay Tiger (Malaysia)

Model: drostanolone propionate 100 mg/1 ml
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10 ampoules

Masteron belongs to the anabolic steroid category with strong DHT properties. It is mostly preferred by athletes to enhance their physical appearance and strengthen them through training in the gym. DHT or dihydrotestosterone produces a competitive effect on the look and helps in enhancing the performance as well. It also shows anti-estrogen properties.


It was developed back in the early 1970s and came as a medicine to treat breast cancer. This time around it becomes a popular substance for individuals who want to maintain the level of estrogen in the body as well as produce muscle mass. No doubt, it is safer for users when they use it as per the recommended dosage. Many individuals prefer it to harden the muscles and keep the visibility of muscles intact.


The presence of masteron constituents can be detected for about 3 weeks if the users use shorter ester compound. In case the users prefer larger ester compound, it could be detectable for up to 3 months. This tells androgen ester is long-lasting and helps in the growth of users.

  • Chemical Name -           2α-methyl-5α-dihydrotestosterone (2α-methyl-DHT)
  • Molecular Formula -           C23H36O3
  • Metabolism -           Since it has anti-estrogen properties, it does not aromatize

With its use, it has been observed that individuals get benefited from better metabolic rate. It thus becomes a popular choice of fitness enthusiasts from all over the world.

Recommended Dosages

  • For patients – The usual dosage is 100mg three times per week or 300mg per week. It should be used for the next 8 weeks and upon consulting, it may extend up to 12 weeks
  • For male users – It is advised to start with 200mg per week which could be increased up to 400mg per week for performance enhancement
  • For female users – It is used 50mg per week initially for 4 – 6 weeks and can be increased up to 100mg per week


Proper administration is required and timing should be maintained to avoid unnecessary troubles. Also, you must avoid overdosing the product at any cost. This will help you in acquiring the utmost results from the product.

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