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Methane Ultra, Geber Pharmaceuticals (Germany)

Methane Ultra
Model: 10 mg
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  • Manufacturer – Geber pharmaceutical
  • Packing – 100 tabs of 10 mg
  • Formula – methandrostenolone
  • Half life – 6-9 hrs
  • Aromatization – low
  • Water retention – present
  • Detection time – up to 3 months

The methane ultra which is also known as Methandrostenolone is a type of oral steroid which helps the athletes in the process of bodybuilding. This is used for a short period of time but its effects are magnificent.

Best Factors

Methane ultra increases the synthesis of protein in the muscle and also speed up the generation of muscle fibers by which the body gains up to 12 kg of muscle in a few weeks. The other features of it are –

  1. Increase the appetite and aggression during the training.
  2. Helps to burn the excessive fat in the body
  3. Strengthen the bones by retaining calcium
  4. Improves circulation of oxygen in the muscles
  5. Helps in the fast recovery

Crucial factors to consider before buying methane ultra online

  • Consult with a doctor
  • Check the originality of the product and the brand
  • Consider your previous medical history


  • Duration – 6-8 weeks
  • Daily dosage – 20 – 50 mg daily
  • Divide the dosage into several parts (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Take the dose empty stomach every time
  • Don’t take any dosage after 18:00

It should be kept in mind that for the better results you should examine the tolerability of the individual’s body. Thereafter, start with the small doses and increase it gradually.

Side effects to consider before buying methane ultra

  1. Retention of water
  2. Aggression and acne

However, proper use of this steroid is very beneficial for both the body and mind. Nowadays, it is very easy to purchase it in the online market with the best deals and prices.

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