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Naposim, Vermodje SRL

Producer: Vermodje SRL
Model: 10 mg
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Naposim is a modified version of Testosterone, which is targeted to reduce androgenic properties and increase anabolic properties. Its production is majorly controlled by Vermodje SRL. And its main constituent is methandienone. Its chemical properties instigate protein synthesis, act as a catalyst for muscle mass, and help to develop well-toned body.

It was first developed around the 1950s, when it was primarily used for a medical purpose like treat burning sensation It deals with protein which helps in building muscle and calcium which directly builds bone density. Further, it strengthens the spinal cord and is helpful in building Abs. It leads to variation in blood composition by pumping nitrogen, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. They come in the oral form of 5 mg tablets in a pack of 10.

Best Factors

  • Increases Muscle Mass for Amateurs as well as Professionals
  • Better Appetite i.e. food intake
  • Enhanced Bone Density

Crucial factors to consider before buying naposim online

It is available in oral form, hence big time savior for athlete and sportsman who avoid injections and syringe for possible pain and skin marks.

It constitutes half androgenic properties and twice anabolic properties, which is as high as testosterone.


Professionals recommend daily in taking of 10-15 mg per day, and average duration may last as high as eight weeks. One must divide daily doses into 2-3 intakes with sufficient gaps in between. It must be swallowed with water.

Appropriate stacking must be consulted with Doctors and Professionals vis a vis current body situation and future goals in terms of bodybuilding.

Side effects to consider before buying naposim

  • Blood Pressure issues
  • Acne

Given effects are directly related to inappropriate course or stacking, Hence one must be very careful about its intake and if required consult Professionals or Doctors.

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