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Norditropin, Norditropin

Model: 10 mg (30МЕ)
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About Norditropin

  • It is a prescription based medicine
  • It has a human growth hormone. Children who are facing difficulties to grow can use this
  • Children who have Noonan syndrome or were too small can take this medicine to get a normal growth
  • Children who have Prader Willi syndrome can also take this medicine
  • For an adult who is unable to produce enough growth hormone can also take this.

Safety information

If you are going to take this medicine, then you need to tell about your medical condition with your physician which includes

  • Any kind of stomach problem
  • Do you have a breathing problem?
  • Do you have cancer or tumour?
  • Tell them if you have diabetes
  • Inform them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have any plan like this

How to use

In order to get the benefits of using norditropin, you need to follow the exact instruction given by your health care service provider.

Just keep one thing into your mind that in any circumstances you are absolutely not allowed to share your norditropin pens and needles with another person. If you share this then you may give another person some infection or get some infection from them.

Possible side effects

  • If you have a heart or stomach surgery, then you just should not take this medicine because you may face serious life issue with this.
  • If you are not following the rules of consuming it then you may face the symptoms of high blood pressure
  • You can face headache, vision problems, vomiting and in case you face any of these you need to contact your doctor.
  • You may feel weak, drowsiness or weight loss. These problems can happen because of the decrease in hormone namely cortisol
  • You can feel pain in your knee and hip
  • You can see rashes or reactions in the injection site.

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