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Oxandrolon, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Model: Oxandrolone 10 mg/60 tab
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60 Tablets


  • Oxandrolon is a Balkan Pharmaceuticals made product
  • Packaging 60 tablets of 10 mg each
  • It falls in the category of 'soft' steroid

Oxandrolon is mainly recommended to the athletes and bodybuilders who already got mass and need to focus on relief and increasing strength. It is known in the world as one of the safest steroids with minimal negative side effects.

Best factors

It significantly increases muscle mass growth and helps athletes by increasing their endurance and strength. Proper and planned intake of this steroid can be beneficial to you in many ways:

  • It increases the growth of HGH
  • Effectively increases strength and endurance
  • It burns the body fat
  • Muscles hardness and relief increases
  • Qualitative muscle mass growth

Crucial factors to consider before buying Oxandrolone online

  • It reveals its positive effects in a very short time
  • Besides the unbelievable features which it offers, its cost is attractive too. It comes in the range of normal steroids
  • Even when you are not dieting properly, the drug will perform its action significantly
  • It is one of the safest steroids available


The duration of course of Oxandrolone is about 6-8 weeks. Daily dosage of Oxandrolon initially should be 20 mg. And this 20 mg of daily dosage should be divided into 2 doses of 10 mg each. Of which one should be taken in the morning and the other at lunch.

It is recommended to take 10 mg of Tamoxifen to maintain the production of testosterone. It can be used as solo as well as with any other steroid to increase the effectiveness.

The daily dosage of Oxandrolone must not exceed 40 mg. Overdose may result in undesirable negative side effects.

Side effects to consider before buying it online

Excessive or improper intake of the said product cause some negative effects like allergic reactions, headache and difficulty in sleeping.

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