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Pregnil 5000, Organon (Holland, Pakistan, Egypt)

Pregnil 5000
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  • Pregnyl 5000 is an organon made product.
  • It is non-steroid in nature
  • Present in injectable form
  • Main component – Chorionic gonadotropin

The main component of Pregnyl is Chorionic gonadotropin. And it’s the main function is to stimulate male sex hormones and increase their production. Pregnyl 5000 is one of the strongest drug commonly taken by the athletes and bodybuilders to increase hormone production. This drug is recommended for the professional athletes for maintaining proper muscle mass growth and increase endurance. Pregnyl works best if taken with proviron or clomed. Also, it can be used as a separate drug.

Best factors

Pregnyl 5000 can help an athlete in so many ways with minimal side effects. With proper and planned intake, Pregnyl can benefit an athlete in the following ways:

  • It activates the production of testosterone hormones
  • It helps in recovering the physical strength after a heavy workout
  • Increases endurance during load
  • Reduces the prophylaxis of testicles

Crucial factors to consider before buying Pregnyl 5000 online

  • It comes in an injectable form
  • The course is designed for professional athletes
  • To reduce the negative effect, one should have less dosage
  • You must take into account your drug tolerance to format the course
  • You should consult a specialist before using this drug
  • It comes with an affordable price in comparison to other drugs with similar functions


The dosage for this hormonal drug depends on the athletes’ drug tolerance. You need to consult a specialist and know your drug tolerance before using the drug.

With correct and proper dosage, Pregnyl 5000 can give you outstanding results with minimal negative side effects.

It is recommended to take Pregnyl during or after the completion of the steroid course.

Side effects to consider before buying Pregnyl 5000 online

The excessive or improper dosage of Pregnyl 5000 may result in some undesirable negative side effects like headaches, frequent dizziness attacks and mild malaise.

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