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Model: Mesterolone 1 tab/50mg
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20 Tablets


  • Provimed is a Balkan Pharmaceuticals made product.
  • It has a shelf life of 3 years
  • Packaging 10 to 20 50 mg tablets in a blister
  • Active substance – Mesterolonum
  • Metabolism – Liver
  • Little or no potential for hepatotoxicity

Active substance for provimed is mesterolonum. Mesterolonum is an anabolic steroid and cannot be converted into estrogen as mesterolonum is not a substrate of aromatase. It is specifically used for low testosterone levels or to increase the muscle mass.

Best factors

Athletes looking to build a great body and to gain muscle mass must use provimed. And its best factors are:

  • Muscle mass increase
  • Flexibility of muscles
  • Potency increase
  • Lesser negative side effects

Crucial factors to consider before buying Provimed online

  • It has Lesser anabolic effects
  • No risk of liver damage
  • Qualitative growth of muscle mass
  • Makes muscles more elastic
  • Takes a short time to reveal its effects

Provimed is one of the most effective steroids out there with minimum side effects. Athletes and bodybuilders can consider this steroid.


Daily dosage of Provimed must not be more than 100 mg. It should be 50 mg in a day in most cases. Of which 25 mg must be taken in the morning and 25 mg in the evening.

50 mg of daily dosage is enough for significant muscle mass gain. More than 50 mg of daily dosage is often taken by heavy bodybuilders only.

Side effects to consider before buying provimed

  • It has androgenic effects
  • Increases body weight

After taking this steroid, you need to drink the drugs which reduce or eliminate its negative effects. However, it is good for building an attractive physique and to increase performance. Weight lifters and bodybuilders often use it before competitions to increase muscles flexibility and mass growth. It is necessary to follow a proper diet plan during the course of this steroid.

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