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Provinox, Malay Tiger (Malaysia)

Model: Mesterolonum
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50 Tablets
  • Provinox is a product of Malay Tiger(Malaysia)
  • Model- Masterolonum
  • Drug class- Androgen; Anabolic steroid

Provinox was discovered in 1934 is a hormonal drug used in various medical uses such as androgen deficiency, anaemia, delayed puberty in males and various non-medical uses like physique development by athletes’ and powerlifters.

Best Factors

The provinox is high in protein that binds the blood plasma and thus it shows better effects and also complements other steroid drugs. It is consider best for the development of genital organs. It does not affect the production of testosterone in blood. The provinox is also used in-

  1. Insufficient function of the gonads
  2. Efficiency of erectile functions
  3. Infertility in males

Crucial factors to consider before buy provinox online

  • consult a specialist
  • toxic effect on liver
  • should be taken only by man
  • proper monitoring of the health

In some of the cases internal bleeding and malignant tumour were found after the medication of provinox. So if you have any signs of stomach pain, liver enlargement or intra abdominal haemorrhage consultation of doctor is important.


  • optimal dosage daily is 50mg
  • divide the tablet in two parts
  • take after the meal
  • overdose can cause inappropriate erection
  • dosage should not exceed 100mg

Side effects to consider before buy provinox

Overdose can increase the concentration of free testosterone, head hair loss and Hypertrophy of prostate. It is advised to consume it in the recommended amount and change the dosage as per the direction of experts to avoid any mishaps.

The provinox is useful in increasing the muscle mass and potency. The user is required to use it properly as prescribed and it is better to purchase it online due to various trust and originality issues. Proper dosage of this steroid is always beneficial for health.

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