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Proviron Bayer
Proviron Bayer
Model: Mesterolonum
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25 Tablets


Proviron Bayer, popularly known as Mesterolone, is an artificial androgen steroid without any anabolic features. It is widely used to treat anomalies resulting from insufficient testosterone i.e. male sex hormones. This led to its usage by athletes and sportsman towards the end of a regular steroid cycle to ease testosterone level which might get affected due to possible negative effects of other medicines.

In other words, it is useful to cure impotency or sexual disinterest caused by other steroids. It was developed around the 1930s, giving it certain vintage amongst newly developed steroids.

Best Factors

  • Avoids Water Retention
  • Boosts Muscle Hardness
  • Enhances good vibes or trait of other steroids
  • Medical significance in the treatment of Breast cancer and gynecomastia.
  • Affordable and Inexpensive

Crucial factors to consider before buying proviron bayer online

It is an oral pill and doesn't give a painful experience like injections and syringe.

It is under restricted selling in a lot of advanced countries like USA & UK. Hence, one must be sure about legality and authenticity of source and material.


A woman user can give a try to Proviron Bayer by starting with 25 mg per day. This should continue for an average of four weeks. Proviron Bayer gives a better result with suitable stacking with approx 20 mg of Tamoxifen per day.

Men users may consume up to 2-3 tablets per day, which amounts to 50-75 mg. They may stack Proviron Bayer with 50 mg of Fludestrin every day, but fludestrin is expensive, hence avoided by majority athletes. It must be consumed with visible break of at least 5 to 6 hours to achieve better results. It is also an effective Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) preferred by Sportsman and athlete in order to reduce fertility and reduce estrogen.

Side effects to consider before buying proviron bayer

An overdose of Proviron Bayer may sometimes lead to over sexual stimulation or continuous penis erection. If it is consumed as per the dosage, users could avoid these problems.

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