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Proviron Bayer
Proviron Bayer

Proviron is a drug that is mainly manufactured by Vermodje SRL. The basic function of this steroid is to remove infertility in men. It is a health care androgenic steroid containing mesterolone. Other basic details of this medicine are listed below-

  • The other names of this medicine are Mesterolone, Androviron and Masteranum
  • The molecular formula of Proviron is C20H32O2
  • The molecular weight of this steroid is 304.474 g per mol
  • As it is sold by Vermodje SRL, its name is Proviron-Ver
  • It does not show anabolic properties
  • It is used to treat the low level of testosterone in the body of a human male
  • Buy Proviron online for treating hypogonadism and potency disturbances


As testosterone is very crucial for a man to survive comfortably, maintaining the level of testosterone is necessary. Due to some reasons particularly due to ageing the natural level of testosterone begins to fall. Due to this, the body feels several deficiencies and weakness in working. To regain fertility, steroids like Proviron for sale are used. Such steroids replenish the natural testosterone level.

People also buy Proviron online for athletic needs. Many bodybuilding professionals practice hard to make their body tough through a workout but they won’t get the desired result. Such athletes then look for alternative solutions. As many of the uses of this steroid are beneficial for athletic activities, athletes use Proviron on a large scale. They use it for enhancing their performance and for gaining muscle mass.

Also to reduce the sensitivity of the estrogen receptors, one should definitely buy Proviron USA. It efficiently expands the testosterone potential of the athlete body. However, this steroid is not a aromatase reception. That is, it cannot stop the testosterone to get converted into estrogen. For this purpose, one must buy other specific medicine such as anastrover.

The side effects of Proviron for sale are fever, nausea and headache. So use the steroid with care.


It should be consumed 50-75 mg along with experts’ advice. Do not buy Proviron USA for women as the use of this steroid is not recommended for them.

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