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Radjay Testosterone E
Radjay Testosterone E
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BASICS information

  • Manufacturers – Radjay healthcare
  • Category – Inject able steroids

Radjay testosterone is an injectable anabolic steroid with high androgenic activity. From the producers radjay healthcare this steroid is very helpful in gaining the high quality muscle mass and strength within a short period of time. This is suitable not only for the bodybuilders but also for the power lifters and other weightlifting sports.

Best factors and advantages

This is considered as one of the best injectable for strength and weight by many athletes and trainers in the world. Testestosterone E is an ester of natural testosterone therefore helps in the weight gain and fat loss effectively. The characteristics and benefits of using this steroid are –

  • Fast set of muscle mass
  • Helps in the active growth of power indicators
  • Improves the appetite
  • Accelerates the protein synthesis in the body
  • Multiply the power of sexual instinct

Crucial factors to consider before buy

  • Consult with a specialist doctor
  • Consider your medical history
  • if you are allergic to any ingredient in this product
  • problems like blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes etc

How to use radjay testosterone E

The amount of consumption is depend on the body of individual, since everyone has a different body therefore dosage depends on many factors

  1. can be pierced solo or in combination
  2. recommended dose is 0.25 – 0.5gm
  3. use once a week or two
  4. use of anti-estrogens pills is necessary
  5. Don’t increase the dose by yourself

How to buy radjay testosterone E

You can find this drug in any sports nutrition shop and you can also grab it online. Buying online is a better option because you will not only  save a lot of time and money but also get the fresh and 100% original content every time.


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