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SP Boldenon, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Boldenon
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  • It is manufactured by sp laboratories
  • The category of this steroid is inject able
  • It is a derivative of testosterone

SP equipoise has a high anabolic activity because of the active element boldenon. It has light androgenic and estrogenic properties as well. It is a better drug for the purpose of bodybuilding and powerlifting activities.

Best factors and advantages

This steroid has the ability to stabilize the level of nitrogen balance; it is completely eliminated with the problems like aromatisation as well. This drug is very convenient for those who are in a preparation for their competitions.  You do not need to spend your fortune over it because the price is very nominal for these steroids. The other properties of SP BOLDENON are –

  • Qualitative set of muscles
  • Increase in the strength indicators
  • Increase the appetite
  • Results can be noticed within 3 weeks of training
  • Strengthens the bone skeleton
  • Burns the excessive fat in the body

How to take SP Boldenon and factors to take care of

  • The average duration of the course is 4 to 6 weeks
  • The average daily dose is 200mg to 400 mg
  • Do not exceed the dosage by yourself, it will leads to side effects
  • Do not combine it with any other medicine.

Before taking this steroid doctors consultation and prescription is very necessary otherwise you can face the severe side effects in the body.

How to buy SP BOLDENON

A lot of athletes around the world noticing the result after using it and they have achieved high level of fitness. After the completion of the goal you can always reduce the amount of dose and even stop taking it. It will not affect the body again. To buy the SP boldenon you just need to go online and you can easily purchase it from there at very cheap and reasonable prices.

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