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SP Nandrolone-D 10ml, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Nandrolone-D 10ml
Model: Nandrolone decanoate 1ml/200mg
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10 ampoules

SP Nandrolone-D is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS), developed primarily for weight gain, better immunity, increased appetite and libido. Its major components areNandrolonedecanoate which is high on anabolic effect and weak over androgenic effect. It is widely preferred by sportsperson for its performance enhancing ability. It has vital medicinal properties which cures joint pain. It was initially developed around 1960s and has become quite unpopular due to severe criticism in doping circle.

Nandrolone has direct impact over muscle mass and strength along with bone density. It is believed that single course leads to enhancement in muscle mass as high as 7 kg. However, one who stands to benefit immensely from Nandrolone is immunity, which undergoes positive change.

Consultation with the Experts

One must consult expert medical scholars in terms of dosage and course duration. It is maintained that it is not required for frequent injection as it has high shelf life. Thumb Rule says that two injections per week is sufficient in maximum cases, say 200 mg on Tuesday and then Saturday. Although, it is less nontoxic, one should not exceed dosage and duration without consulting medical experts. Ideal dosage plays a crucial part in reaping maximum benefit and avoiding or minimizing side effects.

SP Nandrolone-D is a restricted commodity and is not available without valid prescription. It is widely available in grey market; however one must be aware about source of production to verify genuineness and authenticity. Lot of websites are offering SP Nandrolone, stress must be given to manufacturer, their vintage and testimonials.


As goes with other steroid, Nandrolone-D comes with host of side effects. Prominent amongst them being hair growth, voice modulation, aggressive sexual desire and acne. This must be coupled with protein rich diet, sound sleep and regular exercise. Any fatal symptoms should receive immediate medical attention.

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