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SP Parabolan, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Parabolan
Model: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 10 ml 100 mg/ml
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10 ampoules


Parabolan SP is a strong Androgenic Anabolic Steroid (AAS), derived from trenbolone carbonate. It is a modified or extended version of nandrolone which is non aromatic in nature. It has widespread popularity amongst Body Builders & Sportsperson, due to its impact on muscle volume and performance. As has been the trend, Parabolan SP was initially developed for Veterinary Sector and was gradually used for body builders to enhance performance and stamina. It is strictly advised to use it as per prescribed dosage, else it results in fatal side effects.

Best Factors

Parabolan SP directly reaches muscle tissue and start with fat burning procedure, simultaneously producing testosterone which altogether produces favorable result in terms of strength, stamina, endurance and desire to exercise. It helps curbs release or production of damage hormone cortisol and increases insulin in blood. Further, it positively affects male libido creating better sexual experience for them.

Crucial factors to consider before buy SP PARABOLANonline

One dosage may lead to weight enhancement up to 10 kg. It boost growth hormone which produces volume and density.


Anybody who aims at drying and volume enhancement should restrict average dosage at 100-300 mg per week with an average tenor of 6-8 weeks. If stacked with gonadotropin, average course should be restricted to six weeks. It is widely used as solo drug or stacked with suitable steroids, depending upon end results.

Side effects to consider before buying SP PARABOLAN

One must be aware about unavoidable side effects caused after regular consumption of SP Parabolan.Server amongst them are  allergic reactions,light-colored bowel movements, breast growth or pain, change in  shape and size of testicles, dark urine, depression, anxiety or dizziness. Immediate medical attention must be sought in case of extreme outcome. Large part of these side effects can be controlled through proper dosage, adequate diet, sound sleep and regular exercise.

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