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SP Primobol
SP Primobol
Model: 10 ml/100mg
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Basic facts

  • It is basically an intramuscular injection
  • The main ingredient is Methenolone Enanthate
  • It is a DHT based anabolic steroid
  • It is available in the form of tablet or injection in the market
  • It is one of the effective steroids among the athletes

Important facts

  • This steroid will help to increase the strength
  • It is one of the most popular steroids among the athletes because it is very effective to increase the energy
  • Another reason for the popularity of this steroid is because it is very helpful for the athletes during the process of drying
  • If you are going to buy this steroid in order to increase the muscle mass, then you will be disappointed as it will not work for that reason
  • The main purpose of this steroid is to maintain the muscle of your body and it is very helpful in the drying process
  • But, you can combine this steroid to other selected drugs in order to get a good outcome.
  • With the help of methenolone, this drug can really move faster in the blood and as a result of this, you can get a good faster outcome of this drug.


  • This drug will help you to increase the stamina of yours
  • If you are going to take this drug properly in the right manner, then it will help you to increase the strength of yours
  • It can help you to get huge muscle pumps
  • There is no need to consume clenbuterol tablet after this course.


  • The minimum effective dose of primobol is 200mg in a week
  • If you have the experience of consuming steroids, then after consulting with your physician you can take 400 mg in a week
  • You need to keep one thing into your mind that if you increase the amount of dose, then it will not increase the effectiveness of primobol

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