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SP Stanoject 10ml
SP Stanoject 10ml
Model: 50 mg
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SP Stanoject is replica or synonym of stanozolol and was originally developed for medical use in veterinary segment. With passage of time, it became popular with Athletes and Body Builders due to its performance enhancing ability. Despite being under close radar for doping, SP Stanoject has immense medical properties for healing or cure of burn injuries, trauma, infectious diseases, toxic goiter ,recovery after irradiation, or surgeries, Muscular dystrophydifficulty in protein synthesis, and other similar ailments..

Best Factors

SP Stanoject usually results in less side effects vis a vis its other steroids derived from nandrolone to testrosterone. It has been widely known for muscle growth and physical performance, stamina and endurance. It removes excess fluid from body and creates a burning sensation which directly affects fat.

Crucial factors to consider before buy SP Stanoject online

SP Stanojectis critical or vital just prior to body building competition and must be consumed with proper diet and physical exercise. People suffering from heart failure, hypertension and migraine should be cautious while consuming ST Stanoject and Lactose Intolerant may suffer diarrhea immediately after consumption.


It is available in injection or syringe form and once injected creates quick results. Their shelf life within body is very less and hence, one needs to inject it more frequently. Average dosage ranges somewhere around 25-50 mg per day. Women are recommended to go for somewhere around 2-5 mg per day.

Side effects to consider before buying SP Stanoject

SP Stanoject is widely favored due to its non creation of regular side effects. Majority of side effects disappear once course is completed. Regular and reported side effects are acne,virilization,nausea / vomitingdiarrhea, , inhibition of testicular function with oligospermia, excitement, insomnia,hirsutism, hypertrophy of the clitoris, and sodium retention, potassium, chloride and water.

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