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SP Sustanon 10ml, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Sustanon 10ml
Model: Testosterone Mix 10 ml/250 mg
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10 ampoules


Sustanon 250 is a testosterone replacement steroid, which helps body fight condition caused by production of less natural testosterone in body. Off late, Sustanon SP has been used as healing supporting medication amongst female to male transsexual. Testosterone is naturally produced by male body and is critical for growth of body, muscles, boneand body hair and is prime reason for heavy male voice. It is technically referred as androgenic effect.

Best Factors

Sustanon has peculiar feature of retaining visibility even after course is over or stopped. Its effect take some time to subside. Sustanon not only improves appetite leading to strength and endurance but takes care of immunity and increased libido. Its utility lies in its composition, it is pale yellow liquid available in injection form containing four testosterone esters.

Crucial factors to consider before buy SP SUSTANONonline

 SP Sustanon must not be consumed if one is pregnant or doubts pregnancy. Further, patients will tumor history and children below 3 years are further prohibited from consuming Sustanon SP. It is composed of peanut oil, hence anybody allergic should be cautious. Additionally, it contains benzyl alcohol which is fatal for toddlers and children.


It is mostly recommended for male consumption in sports fraternity and being avoided for women athlete. Sustanon must be injected under expert medical supervision and is injected either in buttock, upper arm or upper leg. Average dosage is prescribed in and around 1 ml per week.  If somebody experiences that it is either too weak or strong, same must be bought to immediate medical attention.

Side effects to consider before buying SP SUSTANON

Introduction of Sustanon often leads to frequent erection in men and issue in sperm formation. Other common side effects include acne, nausea, depression, muscle pain and high blood pressure.

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