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SP Testosterona C 10ml, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Testosterona C 10ml
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SP Testosterona C is a strong Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS), produced by SP Laboratories. It derives its lasting effect from its active ingredient testosterone cypionate ester (oil based steroid which has properties identical to enanthate ester). One will experience improved appetite, improved bone density and improving joint pains.

Professional Recommendations

Professionals recommend one injection per week as average dosage. This may depend upon host of factors such as existing situation and goals desired.  It accelerates muscle mass and strength. Improved appetite leads to automatic weight control and immunity. Everybody detest exercise, given steroid naturally boosts human desire to work out effortlessly.


Weekly dosage between 250-500 mg per week is considered appropriate in majority cases. It can be consumed either solo or stacked with other drugs to create suitable combination. It was developed in and around 1950s by Pharmacia & Upjohn and since then has become quite popular amongst body builders, sportsman and athletes.

It has an average shelf life of fifteen to sixteen days, which makes sure that one injection per week is sufficient to achieve desired results.  It is endrogenic in nature and this sometimes leads to side effects when ideal dosage is not followed.


SP Testosterona C is a vital steroid which improves performance, strength, stamina, endurance and is often seen as physique enhancing drug. It is often recommended to be used prior to body building competition due to their instant result. One regularly witnesses improved physique and well toned body.

It has its own share of side effects, but they can be controlled with precautions. Side effects such as acne, oily skin, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, growth of male breasts, voice coarsening can be monitored and regulated. Proper diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise control maximum adverse implications. Proper and timely dosage plays an equally important role.

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