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SP TRENBOLONE ENANTHATE 200, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

Model: 10 ml/200mg
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  • Manufacturers – SP Laboratories (SP Labs)
  • Category – injectable steroids
  • Model – 10 ml/200mg

SP trenbolone enanthate is a powerful steroid, used for the growth of muscle mass and body strength. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavours that arewhy; it is very popular among the athletes for muscle growth and fat burning. Earlier this drug was introduced for the medical proposes, like increasing the appetite in animals but slowly it gained attention of many athletes because of its properties.

Best factors and advantages of SP trenbolone enanthate 200

This drug stimulates the production of growth hormones in the body and does not aromatise at all. By using this drug you will not only gain the quality dry muscles but your strength and endurance will also beincreased. The other properties of these drugs are –

  • It rapidly breaks down fat molecules and fibres into energy
  • Promotes very large and fast protein synthesis
  • Increase the dry muscles
  • Improves the stamina
  • Reduce the recovery time of the body
  • Accelerates the metabolism and anabolism in the body.

How to take SP trenbolone enanthate 200

  • 1 or to injections per week is enough
  • The recommended weekly dose is 300 mg
  • Divide in two reception of 150 mg each
  • The total duration of the course is 8 weeks

This is a strong drug hence it is recommended to take it as a solo course, and it will be better if you consult a doctor and take prescription from him. Although this drug has no major side effect but due to the overdosing and improper use you can face somenegative effects in the body. You can easily buy it from the online market at great price. Just use it and feel the change in you and your body.

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