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SP Trenbolone 75, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Trenbolone 75
Model: 10 ml/100 mg
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  • This product can be used for short term
  • It is one of the best forms of anabolic steroid
  • It has a great effect on bodybuilding and power lifting


  • This steroid can be used to treat muscular atrophy
  • It can be also helpful to mitigate the diseases which are associated with weight loss
  • It can also help you to burn the extra fat of your body
  • It can help you to make your muscle strong
  • If you can take this with proper diet and maintain all the rules, then it will help you to increase the muscle mass
  • It will also provide strength
  • It can give you strong dry-set effect

Important information

  • This anabolic steroid can be used in the drying period and as well as recruitment period
  • The popularity of this anabolic steroid increases because of its great effect and action
  • You don’t need to consume a high amount of dosages in order to get the benefits
  • In fact, this steroid is 5 times more effective than the testosterone
  • Because of its effectiveness, it can be a great choice to increase power and pure quality mass
  • If you want, then you can use trenbolone 75 for the course of drying
  • If you are taking this, then it will provide maximum relief in muscle within a short period of time
  • It is one of the most rightly designed courses; hence, there is a very minimal chance to face any kind of side effects
  • It is true that this drug is not cheap but the effect of this drug is unavoidable
  • If you are going to buy trenbolone 75, then it will help you to increase the 6kgs dry muscle mass


  • You need to take this medicine in a one day gap
  • You need to take this in the evening before bedtime
  • Within the first week, you can feel the change.

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