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Stanabol 50, British Dragon

Stanabol 50
Producer: British Dragon
Model: 50 mg
Availability: In stock


Stanabol 50 or popularly known as Stanozolol is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid. It has exceptional medicinal traits of fighting breast cancer, treating hereditary angioedema, increase weight and curing anemia. It has high anabolic content and less androgenic effect. It has been aggressively used in veterinary segment to increase strength and performance of animals. It has been recommended as healing agent post medical operations and speeds up rehabilitation process.

Best Factors

Stanabol 50 enjoys good fan following amongst body builders, athletes and sportsman due to its impact during drying stage. It has favorable impact over strength which improves quality of training and workout. It is available in tablet form or pills and preferred by fitness enthusiast who detest injection due to their impression on skin and painful experience.

Stanabol 50 leads to accumulation of calcium in bones which improves body strength without disturbing weight.

Crucial factors to consider before buy Stanabol 50 online

Stanabol 50 can be detected in doping as far as 340 -360 days of intake, hence Sportsman must be aware of their internal rules prior to its intake.


Produced by British Dragon, it is readily available in tablet as well as injectable form. However, injections are preferred over tablets due to their track record of being liver friendly vis a vis latter counterpart. Average dosage is recommended at somewhere around 20 mg-50 mg per day. Its shelf life extends up to 24 hours. Average course extends till four to six week.

Side effects to consider before buying Stanabol 50

With immediate benefit, comes unwarranted side effects andStanabol 50 is no exception. Regular symptoms include joint pain, cholesterol issues, ligament damage, reduced testosterone, disturbed blood pressure, acne amongst others. However, Professionals believe that majority of these adverse effects could be avoided or controlled with correct dosage and diagnosis.

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