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Stanover + Boldever Vermodje, Course of steroids

Stanover + Boldever Vermodje
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Stacking of Stanover and Boldever is suitable when one desires for a presentable, dry and dense terrain and pronounced musculature, without any water retention and unpleasant side effects. This combined course is good option for athletes when they want dry muscles. Beginners can use this drug in medium dosages.

Best factors

  • Increases overall musculature by 4 - 5 kg per course
  • Gradual and qualitative increase in muscle mass
  • Long time of muscular preservation
  • Formation of muscles with a little fat

Crucial factors to consider before buy it online

Concentrate on proper planning of the training schedule, as well as eating a balanced healthy diet.


The Stanover + Boldever Vermodje course duration should not exceed 5 weeks. Oral Stanover should be taken 2 tablets/ day during the first week of the course, 3 tablets per day during the 2nd week, 4 tablets/ day in the third week. During 4th week dosage should be 3 tablets/ day, and this will reduce to 2 tablets/ day for 5th week. Tablets should be washed down with water.

This injection steroid must be stabbed on the same days of the week, for example, Tuesday and Friday or Monday and Thursday. The dosage is 1 ml for 1 time. The weekly norm is limited to 2ml. Remember that syringe and needle is used for 2 ml.

Side effects to consider before buying it


  • Gynecomastia and water retention
  • cholesterol

Boldever Vermodje

  • Increase in appetite
  • Irritability and hot temper

Stanover + Boldever Vermodje in aggregate give excellent results. It is now mostly preferred by experts who want to gain better muscles. In order to avoid any negative effect, you must take advice of the doctor. Now, you must follow the recommended dosage as explained. Also, you need to ask them for any change in the near future.

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