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Stanover + Sustaver 250, Course of steroids

Stanover + Sustaver 250
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This successful tandem of two modern steroids works great to increase musculature and increase the measure of physical strength. Such complex is in demand among lifters, for whom it is important to increase the musculature and to become many times stronger, and also more enduring.

Best factors

  • A noticeable increase in musculature

Increase strength and endurance Start working with a lot of weight Rapid recovery after training Better withdrawal of fluid from the body

Crucial factors to consider before buy it online

In order to fully experience all the positive effects, it is necessary to concentrate on training in gym, parallel with taking the drugs and plan a daily healthy diet.


Stanover which is available in the form of tablets, should be taken in the amount of 2 tablets per day during the 1st week of intake, 3 tablets per day during 2nd week, 4 tablets per day during 3rd week. Further dosage is reduced to 3 tablets per day during 4th week and 2 tablets per day during the final and 5th week. We recommend breaking daily dosage of Stanover for whole day, so as not to take entire dose at a time.

As for the injection Sustaver 250, it is advised to prick it strictly intramuscularly, it is best to choose a safe gluteus muscle. For good assimilation of the drug, injections should be done on the same days of the week. The single dose is 1 ml. That is within a week it is impossible to prick more than 2 ml of a preparation.

The duration of the course is up to 5 weeks, for beginners and amateur athletes.

Side effects to consider before buying it


  • Gynecomastia and water retention
  • Cholesterol

Sustaver 250

  • Aggressiveness
  • Sexual overstimulation

Majority of these side effects gets reversed when the drug is stopped. Also, you need to follow the guidance of the physician.

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