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Stanozolol + Primobolan
Stanozolol + Primobolan
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Stanozolol and primobolan is a very popular combination for beginners. Since it helps in producing a mild effect, it is mostly preferred to trigger the punch. It is also suitable for women users who want to gain strength and keep their physical fitness intact. However, it is important to follow the right dosage and avoid any abnormalities.

Best Factors

  • It provides a small result and best suited for novice users
  • It helps in gradual increase in strength and stamina
  • It produces noticeable body muscles

Once you start the dosage, you can notice the changes every single week. Though the changes could be visible daily, the weekly reports provide you with better details. It is always asked to consume good food such that healthy diets help in fulfilling the body needs. Also, it is important to follow regular workouts and shape your body like a pro wrestler.

Crucial factors to consider before you buy this combination

It is worth to know that you need authentic products for muscle building. Since the presence of sellers online has offered fake sellers the opportunity to cheat customers, you need to pick a store after proper initial research. With this approach, you can get your product from genuine and authentic sellers like us. Also, you will get a number of payment options to choose from.


Initially, it is asked to use Stanozolol up to 20mg per day whereas primobolan dosage is about 400mg per week. Once your body becomes accustomed to the dosage, it is possible to use up to 700mg primobolan per week. However, you need to consult with the expert for making a change. Or else, you could continue the primary dosage.

Side-effects to consider before buying


  • Headaches
  • Ankle swelling


  • Almost zero risks of side-effects because of no aromatization

It is advised to consult with your physician if you notice any difference (abnormal change) in your body.

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