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Strombaject aqua
Strombaject aqua
Model: Stanozolol 1ml/50 mg
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10 ampoules

An introduction

  • Strombaject aqua is a drug that comes with the fat burning effect.
  • This drug is produced by Balkan pharmaceuticals.
  • The active ingredient of this drug is stanozolol.
  • It can be used to gain muscle mass quickly.
  • It is also beneficial for losing weight and other purposes.

Well, this drug is also considered as the substitute for Winstrol. There are many other benefits that can be derived with the proper use of this drug. It should be taken as directed by the doctor to get the best positive results in a short time.

Take it in a proper way

To get the effective and safe results, you should take this drug in a right manner. Always start with a small dosage and then increase it to the limit as recommended by the doctors. Never increase the dosage without the advice of the health care professionals because it can also result into some side effects or other health risks.

You should take 50 mg twice in a week. It is good to maintain a gap of 2 days between the dosage to get the best and effective results.  Never take this drug for a long time because the standard time of this treatment is six weeks.

Combination of the drugs

If you want to get effective results in a short time then you should use the drug properly after taking all of its benefits and side effects in mind. You also need to check the drugs that you ca take with Strombaject aqua that can give you better results.

Some drugs that you can use are parabolan, danabol, turinabol etc. never combine Strombaject aqua with any other drug that is allergic to it. to know more about these drugs, you should talk to your doctor once before start taking the first dosage.

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