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Stud 5000, Stud 5000

Stud 5000
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  • Stud-5000 is a Millenium product.
  • Packagingconsists of 0.7 Fl.Oz. or 20 ml. /Pcs
  • Clearance period of the steroid is 24 hours
  • It is aromatic
  • Water retention – none
  • Hepatotoxicity – none
  • Cannot be detected when the effect subsides

Basic substance for Stud-5000 is 10% lidocaine which is an active component in most delay sprays in the market. The aerosol of lidocaine helps desensitize the tip of the male penis which helps to hold erections for a longer time and prevent premature ejaculation.

Best factors

Stud-5000 is available in the form of a spray in contrast to other products,and due to its quicker absorption, it is effective within 5-10 minutes of using it. It desensitizes the male organ so that they do not have premature ejaculation and can enjoy a prolonged period of sexual intercourse.

Stud-5000 can be usedfor –

  1. Long-lasting erections
  2. Prevent premature ejaculation
  3. Enhance sexual stamina

Crucial factors to consider before buy Stud-5000 online

  1. Lesser allergic effects
  2. Does not interact with blood, instead of with the skin tissue
  3. The qualitative increase ofsexual intimacy
  4. Increased blood flow for a penile erection
  5. Helps to prevent premature ejaculation

Stud-5000 is a spray which interacts with the skin tissue and increases the flow of blood to the penile chambers dilating the blood vessels. It makes the tip of the penile erection numb so men can perform for longer periods of time without having premature ejaculation and for women to reach their ultimate orgasm.


  • Available in the form of spray
  • Recommended to spray once or twice before intercourse and wait for 5-10 minutes
  • Number of times of spray may vary from one individual to other
  • Can be used with alcohol
  • Overdose may inhibit its effect

It can be used as and when required.

Side effects to consider before buying Stud-5000

  • Minimal side effects
  • Does not affect the systemic processes
  • Over spraying may cause numbness of penile region
  • Overuse is inhibited in people with cardiovascular diseases
  • Overuse of the drug should not be done in people with liver and kidney damage

Stud-5000 is a spray which is effective faster than other drugs as it directly interacts with the skin tissue and causes prolonged erections. It helps to prevent premature ejaculation and enables you to have complete satisfaction with your partner. It also enhances blood circulation and libido and reduces mental and spiritual pressure.

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