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  • Super Zhewitra is a highly efficient drug that is aimed at elongating the process of sexual intercourse.
  • This drug is unique in nature as it mixes two powerful components Dapoxetine and Levitra. Their time of decay, as well as pharmacokinetics, are similar making it twice as effective.
  • It is capable of strengthening the quality of erection, makes the male reproductive organ capable of enduring more, resisting ejaculations that are premature and ensure great sex.

Best factors

  • Due to the unique combination of two effective components, it gets into the system faster and hence is twice as effective as other drugs.
  • Its concentration in the blood is not sudden. It rather dissolves slowly to give a smooth and strong erection.
  • It does not contain substances that are very harmful to the body meaning it does not have an effect on the sperm.


  • The effect of the drug lasts for around 28 to 36 hours in one day. Thus taking the drug once is enough for having quality erections 5 to 16 times in one day each lasting for about 20 long minutes to 60 minutes.


A doctor should be consulted to make sure that there will be no allergic reaction to the body due to any of the components present in the drug. If one is suffering from hypo or hypertension or cardiovascular conditions or bad liverconditions, then they should avoid its use. Also, avoid intake if one is lactose intolerant. It should not be taken above the age of 18. Alcohol should not be consumed with the drug at all. The consumption of antidepressants and other medications are disallowed due to the presence of nitrates.

Side effects

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Pain in the back

If any of the above symptoms are visible the specialist needs to be consulted immediately.

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